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The KING of the farm is our dog, Newman. Newman is the most pampered animal we have and will continue to be as long as he is with us. Turning 18 years old in October, he has earned this spot in our lives. Newman is half Chihuahua and half Dachshund or Chiweenie for short.

We love to joke that he is half German and half Mexican which gives him his feisty personality. To us, he is the most loving puppy that you could ever meet. If visiting us, you will probably think otherwise. He is old and territorial, so he is not real fond of visitors. If we know you are on the way, and if you have never met Newman, we may take him to the bedroom and let him out after you arrive. It’s a little trick we have learned that keeps his barking to a minimum. Once he gets to know you – you will be his friend for life.

Newman typically wants to lay in the bed with the covers over his head for about 20 hours a day. Though, in the past few weeks, he has developed a new purpose in life. Newman’s new favorite past-time is visiting the chickens and rabbits. He absolutely loves them. He goes with us every day to feed the animals and gather eggs. The chickens and rabbits have gotten comfortable with him and they love him too!

We hope Newman lives another 18 years, and while he is with us – he will always get the extra pampered treatment.




Bear is Grace’s dog. She rescued him from the pound in 2018 as a puppy. At the time of the adoption, we were told Bear was half Labrador and half Boarder Collie. As he has grown up, we have determined that this was probably not the correct description. Someday, we may send our $35 to the genetics people with a mouth swab to find out what his bloodline contains, but for now, we will just love on him.

Bear is a lover. He loves people, he loves the other animals on the farm, he loves Grace but mostly, he loves our cat Bella. They met when he was a puppy and she was a kitten and they have been inseparable since. Do not be concerned if you see him with Bella’s whole head in his mouth if you come to the Farm for a visit. This is their way of playing. If Bella wants him to leave her alone – she knows what her claws were made for.


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