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Our Story

Special thanks to Heifer USA for making this cool video about the farm.




We are Steve, Kelly and Grace.
We are Forevermost Farms!

Thank you for visiting our page. We hope you will take a few minutes to read what we are all about and why we do what we do. We started our farm in 2018 and it has been an amazing adventure. We are blessed to be able to live and work at the most beautiful place on earth. We appreciate all of our customers, friends and family. We are especially thankful for organizations like Heifer USA and Grass Roots Cooperative for sharing their knowledge along the way.

We both come from families (from Louisiana to Tennessee) who respected and honored the land and we look forward to building on their legacies. As we have grown, we have created a set of standards that we live by everyday.

Create Joy

We are on a constant mission to find and create joy and happiness. We begin each day with the desire to make joy and end each night remembering our favorite moments that made that day incredible. It is also extremely important to us to spread joy and happiness to as many people as we can. We like to call ourselves “Happiness Advocates”. After all – we do live on a wonderful little farm between Romance and Joy – what better place could you be on this Earth.

Family Owned/Small Batch

Our goal is to stay small enough that we can provide personal attention to all of our animals daily. We are a family of three who work full-time caring for our livestock and our land.

Pasture and Forest Raised

All of our animals are raised on pasture or in the woods the way we believe nature intended our chickens are moved to fresh grass every day where they can forage for bugs and other goodies from the earth. Our pigs are raised in the woods behind our house and root for acorns and grubs.

Regenerative Agriculture

We believe in the conservation and rehabilitation of the land. We apply a system of farming that enriches the soil through rotational grazing and cover crops to regenerate the land.

Natural & Healthy

Our products receive no antibiotics, growth hormone, steroid, ractopamine or other artificial growth additives. On the farm, we use no unnatural pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or fungicides. We never use artificial chemical fertilizers. Our birds are never dipped in brine so you get nothing but healthy, natural meat. Our meat is harvested, inspected, processed and packaged at local USDA facilities.

Humane Treatment

At our farm, animal welfare is one of our biggest priorities. We provide a clean, healthy and loving environment for all of our animals. They are loved and respected from the day they arrive until they are harvested. We believe that happy animals just taste better.

Superior Taste

Our customers consistently tell us that our meat tastes better. Our products are flash frozen at their peak of freshness and because they are naturally raised, they are rich in nutrients


We believe that it’s important to know where your food comes from. We share our daily experiences on the farm through our social media channels.


We offer convenient delivery to your door. Our customers can order through our online store, leave a cooler on the porch on delivery day and we handle the rest.