Pork Center Cut Pork Loin Steak 8 -10oz


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This is our “Filet Minon” of pork. We take the whole loin, remove the bones and fat and take the center most tender loin then slice it into one inch filets. This produces a very lean, generous serving for one. Our pigs are raised on pasture and in the woods. We raise Berkshire hogs which are widely thought of as the best tasting breed of pigs. Berkshire pigs were the first “registered pig” by the British royal family, who kept them for their royal dining. We raise our pigs free range which allows them to develop their distinct “RED” meat which is marbled much like the meat you find from angus beef. This is very different from the typical “white” meat pork found in the local grocery store. The meat produced is perfect for all of your pork recipes and will elevate your meals to new taste heights.


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