Pork Chops “Chef’s cut” – Bone In 1″ ~1lb ea


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The pork chop for those who truly love pork chops. Each chop is cut 1″ thick with bone left in and about 1/2 inch of fat left for that incredible buttery flavor. Perfect for a grill or frying pan, this is the feature of your meal. Our Berkshire hogs are raised on pasture and in the forest. They free range and root for grubs, acorns, bugs, reptiles and other goodies. Since they are NOT raised on concrete like commercial hogs, they develop muscle that translates into a superior, robust taste. Berkshire hogs have intramuscular fat, similar to an angus beef. This gives a better flavor throughout the protein. We use no chemicals on our land. No fertilizer, insecticides, pesticides, or any other potential health threat. We never use antibiotics and all of our animals are humanely raised. Each package contains 1 chop and weighs ~ 1lbs.


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