Turkey Legs


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Our turkey legs are from turkeys raised in the woods right here on the farm. Yep, that’s right, they live in the woods. They have tree branches to roost on, bugs to eat, a pond to dip their toes into when they are warm (they actually regulate their body temps through their feet). The meat is extra tasty because it has developed in a normal fashion while scratching, running, trying to fly and doing other muscle building activities that turkeys raised in-doors can’t do. This results in a more robust, less bland taste. They have never eaten on ground that has had any pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, fungicides or any other harmful chemical that could possible harm your food. We strive to raise food that is the most heathy POSSIBLE for you and your family. We created our farm to produce the best tasting, healthiest food possible. Our turkeys go through an air chilled processing system which is superb for taste and anti-bacterial/anti-virus reasons over commercially produced chicken. These are the same big turkey legs the size of the ones you see at the state fair! Try them out – you will not be disappointed.


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