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Eat Better in 2022

Let’s face it, we all would like to eat the most healthy meat possible. Nobody intentionally seeks out inferior meat to put on the dinner table for their family, but there aren’t many options to find healthy, affordable, great tasting food in Central Arkansas. Currently, there is a shortage in the commercial food supply chain, so finding healthy, local-raised meat is harder than ever. We settle for inexpensive, mass produced grocery store food out of both availability and convenience. There is a better way.

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Why Local, Pasture and Forest-Raised over Commercial, Grocery Store Protein?

Animals raised on pasture and in the forest have the opportunity to run and dig and root up different forms of protein to add to the animal’s diet. This allows them to actually work their muscles while adding essential minerals and nutrients the animals find naturally on the ground. This DEVELOPS the meat into a more nutritious, better tasting product. The quality of grasses and legumes we plant for the animals to eat, helps develop the flavor of the protein. Commercially raised animals typically spend their entire life in a confined space where they do not have the opportunity for additional proteins and nutrients or the chance to use and build their muscles (which make the product you purchase).

Raising animals in confined spaces creates more problems. When the animals do not have the access to clean ground, water and air, an environment is created that is both unhealthy for the animals, and potentially unhealthy for the consumer eating the animal. This type of environment is conducive to bacterial and viral problems which can call for the use of antibiotics and other chemicals that are not introduced to the animals system in a free range environment.

How and what the animals eat for supplemental food is also important to consider when choosing the meat for you and your family. In a confined space, animals must fight for the opportunity to eat, creating continuous stress. The food given as supplement can contain additives and sometimes animal by-products and growth hormones. When purchasing commercially raised meats, you can not know what food that your food has been eating. With a local raised meat, your farmer can share the EXACT diet of the animals your family consumes. We protect the land our animals live and eat on. We NEVER use chemical fertilizer, insecticides, fungicides, pesticides, herbicides or ANYTHING that potentially could get in the diet of our animals. We use no animal by-products such as RAW milk for poultry, hormones, growth additives, or any means to artificially accelerate growth.

STRESS creates cortisol. Cortisol changes the flavor of the meat. Commercially operated farms often keep the animals under continuous stress. Inadequate range space, air and water quality and food access creates an environment that the animal constantly creates cortisol. In a free-range environment, under humane animal welfare conditions, the stress level is virtually eliminated: creating a superior tasting product.

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Local Raised vs Commercially produced Value

There is a higher cost generally associated with local raised products. A simple economics class can make it abundantly clear why a corporation employing tens of thousands of people, producing millions of pounds of product raised in less than humane ways can deliver a product for a much lower price than a family raising individual animals, paying for premier USDA hand butchered processing. The superior product simply costs more to raise and butcher.


Recent changes in the food supply chain, as well as increasing workforce wages has caused commercially raised and produced protein to increase substantially in price. At the local farm level, we were already paying the substantially higher production costs, so our supply chain and cost structure has been impacted less.

If you compare our retail price for our meats, you will find them very close to the prices found for “Organic” meat in the supermarket. What this “Organic” label means is for another blog (but the simple answer is it is corporate control of the market). If you compare our prices to the butcher section of your local supermarket, you will find similar pricing.

By creating a bundle and selling weekly, we can get the package price to less than or equal the price of the commercially equivalent product at the grocery store.

Different types of raw meat: chicken thighs, pork and beef burgers, ribs and kebabs, turkey meatballs,

The Highest Quality, Best Tasting Food Delivered to Your Door

No more standing at the supermarket butcher cabinet. No more calling around to find out who has the product you want in stock. No more picked over, bland tasting commercially raised and processed meat for your family. You can get superior tasting, high quality, local raised meat delivered to your home for less than the cost of the commercially produced grocery store comparison.

Our Basic Protein Pack is designed to provide you with consistently high quality, great tasting meat that can provide 20-26 servings of protein. When you purchase the monthly bundle, you can feed your family for less than $2 per serving.

For our $200 Basic Protein Pack, we currently deliver directly to your front door in Pulaski County, White County and Cabot every Wednesday. We ask that you leave an ice chest on your porch (or your designated area) and we will drop your meat each week. Each week, we will send out an email detailing what each box will contain for the week. If the box sounds good to you, you do nothing. It will show up on Wednesday. You will also have the opportunity to make any changes at this time.

A typical box will contain the following:

1-1.5 pounds of BACON – We produce multiple styles and flavors of bacon, including Country Style Thick Sliced, Maple Flavored Bacon, Natural (No salt cure) Bacon, Jowl Back, Loin Bacon, Shoulder Bacon.

1 pound of ground sausage – We currently produce over 30 different ground sausages. Pork – Sweet Italian, Chorizo, HOT Italian, Country Sausage, Hot Country Sausage, German, Polish, Kielbasa, Andouille, Brat + more, Turkey and Chicken in multiple flavors, Beef Brats and more.

1 pound of Deli Sliced Ham

2 pounds of pork products – We have a wide range of products from pork chops, tenderloins, country style ribs, baby back and spare ribs, pork steaks and more.

2 pounds of ground products – Ground Beef, Beefalo, Turkey, Pork and Chicken available in season

1 pound of chicken – Boneless skinless breast, boneless thighs, drums, chicken wings, split breast, Chicken tenders, quarters and more.

You always have the opportunity to add to your box or customize it each week.

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Limited Bulk Boxes Available

We are offering these boxes to the first 20 customers. The cost for the month is $200 and you will receive a box every Wednesday. Over a 52 week year, that comes out to $46 per week. That is less than $5.50 per pound for PRIME, High Quality, Pasture and Forest Raised, Local Food. That includes the cost of delivery to your home as well. Customers will always have the first option of renewal for later months, but there is no obligation to continue. Click the button below to get started. We are looking forward to partnering with you to provide the highest quality, best tasting food for your family.

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