Chicken Drumsticks – 2 pounds


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Perfect size pack to fire up your grill. 100% Pasture raised chicken from right here on the farm. These drumsticks learned how to walk and run right here. They are STRONG, so they have lots of good meat. All of our chicken is air-chilled instead of water chilled like commercial chicken. This is a safer product, a better bite, no brine added and very clean. All of our meat is processed and USDA inspected under strict health guidelines. We use no anti-biotics, growth additives, steroids, raw milk or anything to add extra weight to our chickens. They also graze on pasture that has not had chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, or any chemical added to the ground since we have owned the property (at least 5 years). We strive to grow the healthiest possible, cleanest processed option for your family while delivering superior taste.

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