Some of you may be wondering where this Forevermost thing came from so we thought we’d share a little background. When we started dating, most of our conversations were from hundreds of miles apart as Steve was living in St. Louis and Kelly was in Little Rock. It was always hard to get off the phone because that time was so precious at the end of each day. Kelly would get Grace to bed and we would plan time to virtually watch a movie or show, listen to music or just talk. We got pretty good at synchronizing pressing the Play button so we would be at exactly the same place in what we were watching or listening to. Sometimes we’d chat until the wee hours of the morning and as we would reluctantly get off the phone, our conversations would always end something like this (btw, they still do)….

Kelly (or Steve): “I love you”

Steve (or Kelly): “I love you more.”

Kelly (or Steve): “Forevermore”

And when there just isn’t a word in the English language that describes how much you love someone, you simply make up your own…..

Steve (or Kelly): “Forevermost”


So there it began. As we were planning for the wedding, we decided to brand the event with our fancy new, made up word. Our friends Erich and Jen gifted us with a logo that Jen designed. (We will save the details about the design for another day.) We were so excited about the logo that we immediately decided to order cups for the wedding, then came a wood branding iron, and so it goes. Now most of our wardrobe is branded with Forevermost and we wake up everyday watching the sunrise at Forevermost Farms. We are working to trademark it as we speak.

Some may think it’s silly, especially our 15 year old daughter, but we think it’s a way of life and we appreciate you being a part of it.

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