Hindsight is 2020

As I sit here, with a pulled hamstring and stuck on the couch, I am listening to Steve teach Grace to make Grappe Gumbo which is our new New Year’s Eve tradition. 

Our first NYE as a family was in 2017. It’s when Steve proposed to me and to Grace. We watched “When Harry Met Sally” which we’ve done every year since and will soon do tonight. We will toast the new year, have some brief reflections, talk a little about our dreams for next year and fall asleep with full bellies and full hearts. 

As is typical on New Year’s Eve, we have done some reflecting on the past 12 months. This year, more than any other, has been a significant year in our lives…certainly unforgettable. 

It has been full of giant ebbs and flows. We did an exercise where we talked about each month of the year (see below) and after writing it all down, it’s no wonder that we are exhausted and exhilarated. 

This year, we became farmers. We forged partnerships that literally changed the trajectory of our lives. We made friendships that we hope will last a lifetime. We lived in quarantine yet have been more connected with the world than we’ve ever been. We realized the beauty of technology. We understood the value of our healthcare workers, our restaurant owners and employees, our grocery story staff,  truck drivers, our meat processors and our educators. We watched the news. We learned. We cried with other Americans at the loss of icons like Kenny Rogers and RBG.we didn’t get to hug our families but we found new ways to stay connected. We honored our country and our neighbors. We wore our masks and washed our hands. We bought toilet paper and we used it. We raised a whole bunch of animals and fed lots of families healthy proteins. We put thousands of miles on our car delivering our goods. We made connections and new friends. We reconnected with old friends and enjoyed the journey. We spent countless hours working together, the three of us. We established beautiful routines of eating together and finding good shows and movies. We entertained ourselves in creative ways and hopefully entertained others with our antics on the farm. It’s was a horrific and a beautiful year. We prayed; we cried; we fought; we laughed and we found joy in the mundane. I’m thankful for our health and the health of those we love. I’m full of hope for 2021….not because I am under some false pretense that a light switch will be flipped tomorrow and it will be sunshine and roses. But because I believe that we are better because of 2020.  And because despite it all, there is sunshine and roses. We are stronger. We appreciate things we once took for granted. We love more deeply because we understand even better what’s really important and we appreciate every day, every moment, every new birth on the farm and every sunset after a hard day’s work. We appreciate our supporters and our customers who spent their hard earned money with us. May we never forget the lessons and the joys that this year brought us and may 2021 bring more peace and joy than ever before. God bless you. Here’s to 2021. Eat your pork, peas and grapes and for goodness sake, spread some joy. Peace out 2020.

Forevermost Farms 2020 Year in Review


Steve’s recovery from back surgery 12/2

Decided to raise chickens

Farm Work Day

First visit from Grass Roots Co-op


Built 600 sq ft brooder 

Ordered chickens

Set processing dates

Ordered turkeys, guineas and ducks

Received Cayuga ducks

Contracted with Grass Roots Co-op


Bought grain bin 

Bought our first tractor

Got Colt

Graces first and only softball game 

Grace turned 16

Got first batch of chickens

First cases of Corona Virus

Lock-down began 3/14

Started video series: Lessons from the Farm

Set up Barn2Door store

Had 11 baby bunnies

Celebrated mom and dads 50th wedding anniversary 


Flood in the brooder (lost 40 chickens)

Launched online store and delivery service 

Did first chicken catch and sent to processor

Wisteria and lilacs bloomed

Family Easter via zoom

Got our first rose bloom

Ducks graduated to the pond


Received new specialty breeding stock

Bought first commercial freezers 

Celebrated our 2nd anniversary 

Received our first batch of chicken from processor. 

Did our first chicken delivery route

Four guineas hatched from rescued eggs under a broody chicken

Received our lavender guineas 

Received second batch of chickens 


Daylilies bloomed

Berkshire hogs came to the farm

Hydrangeas bloomed

Made offer on 9 acres

Guineas moved to outside coop 

Received third batch of chickens 


Hibiscus bloomed

Ate 2 bushels of peaches and 50 lbs of tomatoes 

First Sunflowers bloomed

First Angel Trumpet bloomed

Grace got her new car

Received 100 turkeys 

2nd chicken catch and harvest 

3rd batch of chickens received 


Closed on 9 additional acres to raise pigs 

Turkeys moved into turkey garden

Swine training at Heifer Ranch

Sweet autumn clematis bloomed

Finished construction on blue pen

Video shoot with Heifer USA at the farm

Hurricane aftermath damaged chicken schooner 

3rd chicken catch and harvest 

Grace started virtual school


Grace and Steve got new compound bows

Kelly turned 49

Final chicken catch and processing 


Steve turned 50 

Went to see David Adam Byrnes 

Took Hogs to processor

Took turkeys to processor 

Freezer truck incident and Little Rock harvest pick up 


First farm pick up day

Quarantined Thanksgiving 

Busy Delivery season 

New herd of Berkshire hogs came to the farm

Partnered with St Joseph’s Farm to offer our products 

Sold out of turkeys


Built two new hog huts

New herd of sausage hogs arrived at the farm

Dolly had seven puppies

Cut down Angel trumpets and put in to root 

First winter freeze 

Partnered with Providence Farms and sold our first beef 


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  • Great blog, Kelly!
    You guys have indeed had a busy and eventful year. I know 2021 will bring even bigger and mire exciting things for Forevermost Farms.
    You, Steve, and Grace are doing a great job. Proud of y’all!
    Love y’all!
    Happy New Year!

    Connie Hurst
    Posted January 1, 2021 at 6:01 am

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